This is my life.

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Work Experiences

If you're looking at this page trying to figure out what I've done for work, here's some info:

Specializing in front-end development, I helped DuckDuckGo complete a substantial redesign in 2014. That redesign basically meant scrapping all of the existing HTML/CSS and rebuilding it from the ground-up. DuckDuckGo now uses SASS/Compass to build their stylesheets, and a lot of my work has since been open-sourced.

Prior to joining the company full-time, I did a bunch of open-source contracting work, including an earlier redesign of the DuckDuckGo Community Platform, which was a custom-built user platform (including a blog, forum, and translation system) written mostly in Perl, using a very obscure tempting language for the markup called XSlate Kolon.

I also spent a lot of my time troubleshooting weird javascript bugs, which is fun.

Prior to DuckDuckGo I worked for a marketing company by the name of SearchKings. I don't think I ever received a formal title, but the closest description might be "website mechanic", as a large chunk of my responsibility was to fix and improve existing client sites in order to enhance ongoing marketing campaigns. I had to wear a lot of hats here because I was the fifth employee and the first technical hire.

Working with existing sites meant dealing with a wide variety of different content management systems, including but not limited to WordPress, Joomla, Perch, Drupal, Django, and some other really nasty looking PHP libraries.

Does it sound like I've done anything that you need help with? Cool. Contact me and let's see if we could work together.